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Friday, November 2, 2012


We're about to move on to Phase II, with the second volume of the Reader (CHS  started it today). The individual readings are longer on that one, and I suspect they'll lead to more interesting side-traels and research paths for many of us than some of the readings so far.

So I wanted to see what you all think: would you rather continue to move at the same speed as the CHS class (reading around 60-100 pages a week IF you try to read all of each section), or establish a slower pace, maybe half as much per week? There's nothing stopping us from continuing to work on previous readings while we continue to move ahead, but it'll be good to find a pace that doesn't feel rushed for everybody.

Just wanted to get a bit of discussion on this before we move forward--it's a busy weekend on my end, and next weekend we put up an exhibition of 19th Century avant-garde material at CHS, in conjunction with the Liberté project. More on all of this later-! 


  1. I think if would be better if we'll slow the pace a little. Actually, I'm still on reading #3... :(

  2. One or two other people have told me the same thing in person; Maybe I'll start posting the next reading whenever it seems like we've exhausted or satisfactorily engaged with one reading and there's a sense people are wanting to move forward? And of course there's nothing to prevent us from going back to old posts if we want to. Since I'm busy putting up the Liberté exhibition this coming weekend/week I'll give the current reading on Utopian Socialism a bit more time--there's some interesting stuff coming up, after all. But if you want to start on Vol. II, it won't hurt!